What Our Clients Say About Our Services

"ERI turns the high hurdle of securing outstanding medical experts for the entirety of the litigation process into a solid, secure endeavor. The whole team is a pleasure to work with, always available, and always excellent. Working with ERI is a great move for your client"

                        -Defense Counsel

"Dr. R. did a phenomenal job testifying.  He took this case very seriously and was extremely well prepared.  There were 17,000 pages of medical records so this was no small feat.  He knew the case cold.  I have never seen a doc work so hard to get ready to testify.  He basically obliterated the other side’s medical claims related to spine issues, and there were a number of them.  This is the first time he had testified in a civil case.  The judge and the court staff all told me that he was a very good medical expert, and I couldn’t agree more.  A very impressive job and worth its weight in gold.  I try cases all over the place all the time – 42 years in the business.  I work with experts all the time. This was a top notch job by any standard." 

                        -Defense Counsel

"Alicia was very helpful and scheduled a conference call for me and Dr. F on Friday afternoon.  We had a nice conversation and are off and running with his expert review."

               - Defense Counsel

"Thank you all for all of your high quality attention to detail. It is truly appreciated."

                 - Claims Rep.

"The decision did come back and we proved reduced damages based on the record review.  Thanks."

            - Claims Rep.

"Please send Dr. D a BIG thank you for me and also advise him that I believe his report was incremental in getting this matter to resolve  Happy Holidays to all at ERI, including the wonderful doctors"

           - Senior Claims Rep.

"I won a big case recently, thanks to Dr. S’s review."

           -Defense Counsel

"I have always considered ERI to offer best in class medical management. One of my top go to providers. Their level of quality, professionalism, and customer service is second to none!"

           -Senior Claims Manager

"ERI provides excellent products on every referral."

           -Senior Claims Rep

“I just wanted to thank you folks and Dr. H for excellent work he did  – case went to trial this week in Boston @ Suffolk Superior and essentially we got a defense win, largely due to Dr. H’s video testimony.  Dr. H did a record review, follow up record review, and then conducted an IME on the Plaintiff.”

       -Senior Examiner

"Always personal service to select most qualified physicians having the expertise for the particular injury at issue. Dr. S. was not only extremely user-friendly but also well-prepared for trial, and he used plain language to explain very complex issues. It was very clear that the jury liked him and trusted him, and they came back with a verdict consistent with everything he said. He was my entire case, and he got me a great result."

                        -Defense Counsel

“ERI is my 1st choice for record reviews and glad I can send the work your way"

           - Senior Claims Rep

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